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High quality physical therapy rehabilitation equipment is available at Advantage Medical. This type of professional grade equipment is used for a range of practices that include rehabilitation facilities, acute-care hospitals, schools, nursing homes, home care, burn units and outpatient clinics. The best equipment is used to rehabilitate individuals after injury or illness. It is the ultimate goal of the physical therapists to maximize mobility and function.

The type of effective rehabilitation equipment, like those offered at Advantage Medical is often dependent on each patient’s specific diagnosis and level of mobility. In fact, physical therapists typically use the same kinds of rehabilitation equipment and medical supplies used by physicians including a blood pressure cuff, and stethoscope. This also includes a skinfold caliper, scales, timers, reflex hammers, tape measures and others. No physical therapist toolbox would be complete without a dynamometer that can accurately measure pinch and grip strength, along with a goniometer that is used to accurately measure a joint’s range of motion.

A Variety of Modalities
Physical therapists use a wide assortment of treatment modalities that are proven effective at relieving many of the signs and symptoms associated with edema and pain. Many of these proven effective modalities assist in improving the health of the patient including increasing their blood flow circulation, promoting healthy muscle contractions, restoring range of motion movement, and encouraging wounds to heal.

The physical therapists will use a variety of Advantage Medical equipment to perform ultrasound, electrotherapy, cold and hot packs, traction units, and whirlpools to help their patients meet their rehabilitation goals.

The Need for Mobility Aids
To properly assist every patient, the physical therapist needs to incorporate a variety of mobility aids that are proven effective in allowing the patient to gain movement independence. These often include Advantage Medical crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, canes, and a variety of braces that are all specialized to help the patient recover their mobility.

In addition, mechanical lifts and sliding boards are often used by physical therapists as effective tools for transferring patients that are unable to independently move across from one surface over to another without needing a considerable amount of assistance. Even training stairs and parallel bars from Advantage Medical provide a safe solution for the patient while developing mobility skills.

Effective Gym Equipment
Generally, an outpatient gym run by physical therapists will be equipped with a variety of professional grade Advantage Medical supplies and equipment specifically designed for challenging the patients. This includes steppers, stationary bikes, treadmills, free weights and elliptical trainers.

In addition to that, physical therapists utilize resistance tubes and bands, balance equipment and exercise balls that are all proven effective at increasing muscular strength in the patient. Additionally, many larger physical therapy clinics incorporate a variety of strength building machines that are typically found in a traditional health club.

Occupational Therapy Solutions
Physical therapists also use a wide range of Advantage Medical equipment and supplies to help those patients that are being rehabilitated using occupational therapy (OT). Effective OT practices allow the individual that has been injured or suffering from a serious condition to fulfill their occupation.

For many individuals, this requires nothing more than learning the basics of ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). These might include bathing, toileting, getting dressed as well as IADLs (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) that might include recreational activities, shopping, cooking and driving.

There are significant benefits to using the highest grade Advantage Medical equipment and supplies for rehabilitation. By offering clients the highest level of care, they can safely return to their prior daily activities with better range of mobility.