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Allegro Medical is one of the country’s premier sellers of online medical and health supplies.  They treat each customer as an individual and each individual’s problems with respect and the utmost in courtesy.

One of the biggest reasons Allegro’s impeccable client service is so important is the fact that they deal with many topics not usually discussed in “polite” circles.  Incontinence and instances of bed-wetting are perfect examples.  Call about Allegro bed pads at any time during normal working hours and the customer will automatically be connected to an employee completely knowledgeable in the specific products that they are seeking.  In this case, the discussion may lead to reusable bed pads and which are the best based on the customer’s needs and wants.

Allegro bed pads have literally dozens of reusable choices, in a variety of styles and sizes, and each was chosen to be in stock for a particular reason.  It may be the most popular variety or texture, it may be the best at absorbency, it may be the most comfortable to sleep on, it may have the best odor control, or it may have any combination thereof.  That’s because each consumer is unique and no two will ever have the same wants in every particular product.  Allegro bed pads span the spectrum of what’s best in all aspects and the company consistently brings them together, and makes them readily available, in one spot to fit across the board needs.

Sleeping Sounder with Less Worries

Patients suffering from incontinence traditionally complain about one area of their health problem over any other: the inability to get a good night’s sleep.  Studies at a major, New York university took apart this issue and discovered that the major flaw in achieving peaceful slumber wasn’t due to the “feeling of wetness” so associated with incontinence, but a dreading mindset of impending wetness that caused the patient to only reach the lightest areas of sleep instead of allowing for the traditional deep resting that normally occurs for most of the night.  It wasn’t a lack of wanting to sleep that was such a burden, but rather the worry of what might happen if they did.  That’s where Allegro bed pads come in so handy.  They don’t just protect the bed and linens from wetness and stains, they also help to ease the mind of the patient by making him/her more at peace with their surroundings and therefore more open to deep, restful sleep.

Allegro bed pads are made with the finest of materials and additional, helpful items like disposable plastic gloves are also available for pad removal and the occasional clean up.  The company even has a monthly delivery plan so frequent users may sign up for their Allegro bed pads and receive them on a regular, automatic basis in an unmarked, private box.

Millions of Americans deal with varying forms of incontinence on a regular basis.  The trick is to find out which products work the best and give the greatest level of comfort.  For those that face more compounded problems at night, this also must include the knowledge that, even when users allow themselves to become unconscious and release control, they can still rest deeply, safe in the knowledge that their bed lines will be protected.  In addition, to make things even more convenient, many of Allegro’s reusable bed pads fold flat which allows them to be put into a suitcase or tucked into a duffle bag for easy traveling.  Then, in the morning, they can be wadded up and tossed into the wash so no one will be the wiser.  Convenience, comfort and peace of mind, that’s the Allegro bed pad way.