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Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures are performed by the dentists to give the patients suffering from dental problems a rescue and a perfect smile. So the dentists will in various cases perform the combination of different procedures to accomplish the perfect smile task which are as follows:

Teeth Whitening – For those people who are of the opinion that they should have white teeth for them this cosmetic dentistry procedures is followed in which the discoloration and staining of the teeth is reduced. For this dentists also use a teeth primer to whiten the teeth.

Dental implant - Among the cosmetic dentistry procedures one is the dental implant in which the titanium fixtures are screwed into the patient’s jaw bone surgically. This dental implant is an anchor for a set of false teeth. But the placement and the purpose of the implant decide its success rate.  This procedure is very good for missing teeth replacement only thing is that enough bone area should be there so that the implants can be easily attached to them. The rate of use of implants has increased to replace some kinds of bridges and also removable partial dentures.

Tooth bonding - It is a procedure among the cosmetic dentistry procedures in which a composite resin filling will be done in both the ends. Through these composites, the decaying tooth is restored, and the color and even the shape of teeth will be changed. With the help of bonding the stains of the teeth can be lightened, minor gaps between the teeth can be closed up and crooked teeth can be corrected. A thin plastic material coating is applied on the teeth’s front surface. After that, sculpt and a bonding material will be applied to it and then the color and shape is applied. Then the plastic is hardened and gets polished with the affect of high-intensity light.

Dental Bridge - In these cosmetic dentistry procedures false tooth/teeth called as pontic is fused in the area between the two crowns of porcelain in order to fill that empty area. This procedure is called fixed bridge and it is used when there is a need to replace one or more than one missing teeth. Taking these fixed bridges out of the mouth is not possible. The areas like the front teeth which are under less stress for that use of a cantilever bridge can be made. These are used in the condition when there are teeth at one side only in the open space. So to have bridges can be helpful in reducing the gum disease risk and can also improve the speech. But an oral hygiene has to be practiced seriously.

Tooth contour and reshape - Among the cosmetic dentistry procedures this procedure is one which is an instant treatment. It is used for correcting crooked teeth, cracked teeth, chipped teeth and even the teeth which are overlapping in a single session. It can also become a substitute for braces in particular circumstances and also it is known for subtle changes.