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Cosmetic Gum Surgery is the surgery used to correct a ‘gummy smile’, in which when you smile some significant portions of your gum is exposed and sometimes it appears quite weird when you smile. Cosmetic gum surgery includes the procedure of lengthening our teeth from the neck of the tooth upwards.

Gummy smile is the problem in which your teeth appear to be quite short when you smile, dentists often use laser to remove excess tissues of your gum that helps to expose more of your teeth. Our gums may recede and shrink as we age but this is not certain while it’s age-related, in this case cosmetic gum surgery may prove an asset for you to have a youthful smile.

A good and attractive smile is always desirable for everyone in which our gum tissues play an important part. They are like a frame that provides a shape to our tooth. When gum between our teeth became weak and their integrity is compromised then it results into an awkward smile, sometimes it’s due to having bad bites.

There are some cosmetic solutions like crowns, veneers and composite resin bonding involved in cosmetic gum surgery that help us to get rid of our excess gum exposure in a smile. If you believe that you have a gummy smile, dark black areas between bridges, tooth sensitivity, gum loss, collapsing appearing gums, or short teeth with uneven gum line; you are a candidate for a cosmetic gum surgery.

Basically there are two procedures for a cosmetic dentistry surgery that rely on your current smile: one is Excessive gingival display, and another is Gum recession. In excessive gingival display or a gummy smile your gums exposure is large and teeth exposure is too small which occur due to shrinkage of teeth from grinding, having a longer upper jawbone than usual or shorter upper lip; while in other case longer teeth than usual may also result in an unattractive smile which is due to gum recession.

It exposes our sensitive root surface that makes hot and cold drinks and foods painful and our teeth also became loose. An antibacterial mouth rinse is prescribed by cosmetic dentists to be used a number of times in a day, about 15 days period following the surgery. The gum surgery solution is done by excess tissues from the roof of our mouth and grafting that onto our gum line, these tissues then fill thin gums in areas where your gums have receded.

The cost of cosmetic gum surgeries varies from patient to patient purely depending upon their problem and required treatment. Some other dentistry procedure like veneers or crowns is also common to be recommended by dentists as a part of overall strategy to cosmetically correcting our gums.

Cosmetic gum surgery often performed in segments that mean quite lengthy and very painful procedure. But no gain without pain that’s the matter of fact in this condition because it helps us to have beautiful smile. Apart from that, this surgery also improves health of gums, reduce tooth sensitivity and prevent roots from decay and further gum shrinkage.