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There are many products that are used to maximize the effects of a therapeutic massage.  Even the most talented hands will be more effective with the use of lubricants, tools, and other accessories.  Any massage therapist who wants to pursue their career seriously should strongly consider becoming familiar with a wide range of lubricants.

There are many styles and brands of massage lubricants and each of them offers various benefits and drawbacks.  A discerning massage therapist will be able to determine when the most appropriate times are for certain products.  This is why seasoned professionals usually have a massive collection of massage products.  Experimentation is necessary in order to find what works.

Every massage therapist’s style is different, so there really are no rights or wrongs.  However, this basic guideline will help an unfamiliar massage therapist to become a little but more accustomed to their options, and also guide them when it comes to shopping for new supplies.  This is a basic look at the four main styles of massage lubricants.

1.  Massage Oil.  Oil is the most traditional choice and its easy glide means it is usually used for styles like Swedish massage, where the therapist is performing long, firm strokes.  It does not absorb into the skin quickly, which means that it does not have to be reapplied frequently.  Oil is also important for protecting clients with back hair from painful pulling.  After an oil massage, the client will usually need to be wiped down with a damp towel.

2.  Massage Lotion.  Lotion is usually the standard choice for basic deep tissue massages.  One of the main benefits of massage lotion is that it absorbs into the skin quickly, which means the massage therapist can really dig in when it is applied.  However, this also means that it needs to be re-administered frequently throughout the session.  Lotions usually have to be replaced more often for this reason, but it also means that the client will feel cleaner at the end.

3.  Massage Cream.  Creams offer many of the same benefits as lotion and oil.  In terms of grip and glide, it sits squarely between oil and lotion, making it the perfect choice for those times when some smooth glide is needed, but a firm grip for pushing is also required.  They do not need to be reapplied as often as lotion, but creams do absorb quicker than oil.

4.  Massage Gel.  Massage gels are similar to oil, only thicker.  They are an excellent substitute for oil, as they have similar glide, but they absorb better, leaving the client feeling more fresh than oil allows.

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